About Us

“Savor the Real Soul of Your Meal with Amaravathi Pickles”

Amaravathi Pickles started manufacturing pickles seven years ago and  is a famous non-vegetarian pickle brand with fans across the globe. Our Non-Veg pickles are of best quality and represent our commitment to deliver homemade pickles to your dining table. For some people, it’s a mandatory to have meals with pickles. Our taste is Refreshing & Hot, which is the first choice for many consumers.

Prepared by using the finest quality ingredients our pickles are prepared with love and utmost passion. Increase your culinary senses by adding our finger-licking pickles to your daily meals. We have so many varieties of pickles such as country chicken, mutton, prawns and fish. Among them, the fan line of country chicken is the largest.

Amaravathi Pickles take place on the table and continue until the end of the meal. Considered as a Boss of Non-Vegetarian Pickles, our customers like the sour and spicy taste of our pickles. You can eat our pickles in a variety of ways and a little bit will make the dishes more appetizing and delicious. They’ll actually leave a mark on your style roof of the mouth.

We have the highest qualification and many varieties. People once buying our product are continuously repeating the order and keeping a jar always in their homes. Because of our high taste consumers are influenced by the Amaravathi Pickles brand and become non-vegetarian pickle lovers.

Why to Buy

  • Variety of Non-Veg pickles
  • Contain No Artificial Ingredients or Flavors
  • Made by the Master Pickle Artisans
  • Prepared with Strict Quality Measures
  • Reaches You Fresh