Country Chicken Pickle in hyderabad

Authentic Country Chicken Pickle with Excellent Taste

Amaravathi Pickles has for many years been a leader in the production of high-quality and affordable pickle products in the domestic market. Modern production technology allows us to preserve in our products the primeval benefits of country chicken nutritional values.

Country Chicken Pickle is one of our best selling and trending products in the pickles market. If you are looking for something unusual, you may like this special country chicken pickle from our company, the taste of which will serve as an excellent addition to both meat and side dishes.

Amaravathi Pickles acquired the greatest popularity in the market of pickles, giving customers a wide choice that will satisfy every taste. Since the quality of products is the main aspect of our company’s success, we use selected ingredients with the best characteristics in the production, which allows us to get a great taste and aroma of products that perfectly highlight the taste of many dishes on your table.

What is Country Chicken?

Country Chicken (also known as Desi Murg refers to the breeds of chickens native to India that are raised for eggs and meat. You can find different breed types of country chicken in India such as Aseel, Kadaknath or Burs. These chickens are bred by local farmers on a small scale basis.

Our Ingredients

  • Organic Country Chicken
  • Ground Nut Oil
  • Ginger Garlic Paste (homemade)
  • Homemade Indian Spice Mix
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Red Chilli Powder
  • Salt
  • Coriander Powder
  • Fenugreek Powder
  • Cumin Powder
  • Fresh Lime Juice
  • Clove Of Garlic

Benefits of Country Chicken

  • Maintenance of Body Weight
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Healthy Teeth and Strong Bones
  • Protect you from Cancer
  • Gives You Strong Muscles

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What Do The Customers Say About Us?

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